IonBench LC Elevator Benches for HPLC

BCHLC9075 with keyboard drawer and monitor arm

IonBench LC elevator benches are laboratory benches developed to address the dilemma that stackable HPLC/UHPLC systems have. Many of these liquid chromatography systems are so high they are very difficult to maintain and standard laboratory benches don’t help.

  • Electrically lift & lower – An operator of average height can now easily reach solvents without the hazard of standing on a step stool or lifting solvents above their head.
  • Adaptable – The IonBench LC elevator bench is available for virtually any weight and size of HPLC system. IonBench LC may be raised or lowered by 30 cm (12 inches).
  • Mobile – Casters make transport of the laboratory benches and HPLC system easy, and are lockable to prevent any unintended movement of the instrument.
  • Stable – The base is larger than the work platform, thus eliminating risk of tipping.

IonBench LC Options:

laboratory-furniture-single-columnSingle column IonBench LC – Recommended laboratory benches for smaller HPLC systems. 

  • Rated for up to 150 Kg
  • Work surface is 45 cm x 55 cm (approximately 17 inches x 21 inches)
laboratory-furniture-two-columnTwo Column IonBench LC – Recommended laboratory benches for heavier and/or larger stackable HPLC systems. 

  • Rated for up to 250 Kg
  • Work surfaces are 45 cm x 75 cm (17 inches x 28 inches) or 90 cm x 75 cm (34 inches x 28 inches)