faqWhether your lab renovation has been planned months ahead of time or you’ve just purchased a mass spectrometer and need a bench quickly, we find that these questions are frequently top of mind for anyone looking to purchase dedicated lab furniture.

Configuration and Customization:

Q: Can IonBench products be customized to fit my space?

A: Yes. We’re able to work with you to create a bench with height, width, and length dimensions that will fit into your lab—eliminating the need to reconstruct your lab space.

Q: Can an IonBench support any make and model of mass spectrometer?

A: Yes. We are brand-neutral. IonBench products can be custom designed to accommodate all types of mass specs.

Q: What types of materials are used in IonBench construction?

A: Most IonBench products are built with Chem-Res, a universally accepted, chemical and heat resistant, laminate material. Many other manufacturers use metal, but we recommend Chem-Res for its chemical resistance and vibration dampening characteristics.
For labs that commonly deal with high acid exposure, we recommend Trespa laminate instead of Chem-Res.

Q: Is FarHawk able to work with my architect to determine the most appropriate bench size and configuration?

A: Yes. We often work directly with architects to determine which size and configuration of bench would be best for a specific lab design.

Q: Our mass spec manufacturer recommends that we do not store the vacuum pump on the bench in order to avoid harmful vibration. Do you offer an alternative solution?

A: Yes. We have unique anti vibration features to eliminate 99% of the vibration. If that is not acceptable, we offer specially designed Quiet Vacuum Pump Enclosures made of sound absorbing materials, to reduce the effects of noise and vibration.

Q: We prefer not to install our HPLC system on the same bench as our mass spec. Is there an alternative solution?

A: Yes. We offer the IonBench LC, a peripheral, elevating cart specifically designed to house your HPLC system. The IonBench LC is available for any make and model of HPLC/UPLC, and has options to provide more electrical outlets, or install a PC on the cart.


Q: How quickly can I have the IonBench delivered to my lab?

A: Standard delivery is 2-3 weeks. We have delivered within 7 working days. Alternatively, if your lab is undergoing renovations, we can schedule the delivery to arrive within a specific time window.

Q: Will our IonBench require assembly?

A: No. IonBench products are shipped and delivered fully assembled. Some options such as monitor arms or PC brackets are installed on site, and require very few tools.

Q: We have limited space which makes for a difficult uncrating process. Will we be responsible for uncrating the bench once it arrives?

A: We can put you in touch with a team that can uncrate, dispose of the packing materials, and transfer the IonBench to your lab.

Q: We’re required to ensure that any party directly handling our mass spectrometer equipment is insured. Do your employees carry liability insurance?

A: Yes. We’re bonded and insured.


Q: Can I build my own bench?

A: We recommend against a DIY project for a couple of reasons:
– IonBench products are built with integrity and are designed to meet OSHA safety guidelines.
– You’re paid to run a lab, not to build benches.

Q: Why should I buy an IonBench from FarHawk instead of the manufacturer of my mass spec?

A: Many of the large manufacturing companies have higher prices to cover overhead costs. We, as vendors of IonBench, can offer much more value for a smaller price tag.
And, you’re not just getting a quality bench. You’re getting top level customer service throughout each step of the purchasing process.