Why NOT to Buy Your Dedicated Lab Furniture Where You Buy Your Mass Spectrometer

Sometimes a package deal can seem very appealing. Buying everything you think you need in one place can appear to be quick, easy, and convenient, especially when you’re purchasing large, heavy equipment like a new mass spectrometer. But there are three reasons why purchasing your dedicated lab furniture at the same place as your mass spec is not a smart move.

1.    Fit

Yes, it makes perfect sense that a mass spec manufacturer will provide dedicated lab furniture that perfectly fits its mass spectrometer product. But that’s not the only fit you need to consider. For starters, what about the configuration of your lab? Some modern mass specs are very tall. When the new MS is placed on the manufacturer’s stock dedicated lab furniture, will the combination fit your lab’s ceiling height? It would be pretty awkward to need to shave a couple of inches off that bench when it arrives.

Also, consider your workflow necessities. Are you wanting your HPLC to be on a separate cart—perhaps to easily move it between one lab and another? Then you might want your mass spectrometer on a smaller bench than the manufacturer provides.

What about your data system? Do you want it configured to the right or the left of your MS, or on a separate, connected desk entirely? Here at IonBench, we custom-craft every piece of dedicated lab furniture. We consult with you at the time of purchase, making whatever bench configuration changes are needed to accommodate safe and efficient workflow in your lab.

2.    Service

For mass spec manufacturers, lab benches are an accessory. For us, they are the primary focus of our work. Rather than making it a single line item on a three-page, six-figure quote, we put our dedicated lab furniture front and center. We will make certain that, in addition to your mass spectrometer, the design of your custom lab bench will consider placement and handling of the following: vacuum pumps, chromatographs, chillers, nitrogen generators, computers, monitors, UPS systems, printers, waste lines and power distribution.

3.    Value

Mass spec manufacturers are focused on the production and support of specialized machines that have both a high cost and high overhead to ensure technical perfection. From a practical standpoint, this can mean that their lab benches are manufactured and sold with less attention to detail and quality control, in part to support or offset the high overhead of MS production.

Our focus at IonBench is only on dedicated lab furniture. We are not concerned with the bottom-line of mass spec manufacturing. Our only goal is to create the best possible lab benches for your particular needs. This means we do not cut corners. We put all our attention into quality manufacturing because lab benches are our main concern. With lower overhead, our clients receive more “bang for the buck” with our dedicated lab furniture.

To learn more about why an investment in IonBench dedicated lab furniture is a worthwhile investment, contact Tim Hawkins via email or at 1-888-669-1233.