Four More Reasons You Need Mobile Lab Furniture

In our last post, we extolled the virtues of mobile lab furniture and discussed why it’s beneficial for safe and smooth functionality in your lab. In case you weren’t convinced by the first set of rationale, here are four additional reasons why standard, stationary lab furniture is not as good as an IonBench for modern labs.

Reason 5: Expand Laboratory Capacity

Expansion can be a tricky issue and can disrupt the organization in your lab. Sometimes additional work is temporary, or you’re fulfilling a short-term contract with funding that might not be renewed. You can’t afford to permanently expand your lab, but you need additional processing capacity—and you need it stat. This is where mobile lab furniture shines.

Perhaps there is not enough space around your existing, permanent lab fixtures to install another instrument. Maybe additional permanent dedicated lab furniture is not within budgetary parameters. Mobile lab furniture can accommodate expansion, then be tucked into a safe, out-of-the-way location until it is needed again, the next time your lab needs to flex its capacity.

Reason 6: Take Renovations in Stride

Even if expansion or renovation is possible, that raises another set of significant problems and issues. If your lab is undergoing renovation, how will you keep up with current demand? The answer is with mobile lab furniture, which can be used to easily move entire systems to temporary quarters, where current processes can continue uninterrupted during the renovation period. They can also be easily returned to the renovated space and rearranged with ease as you determine the best configurations for utilizing your upgraded lab environment.

Reason 7: Easily Align with Utilities

Any renovation or new lab project will give you the opportunity to place utilities exactly where you want and need them, but changing instruments will inevitably bring challenges. Standard dedicated lab furniture that doesn’t move easily can keep the new instrument apart from those utilities. Fortunately, mobile lab furniture makes it easy to move any instrument to meet the utilities. This means no need for the additional expense of rerouting gas lines or installing additional outlets. This solution also prevents the possibility of lab accidents, which can occur if shortcuts such as extension cords or tubes were employed instead.

Reason 8: Simplify Cleaning

Accidents happen. Spills can be hazardous, be it the chemicals or the broken containers. It is critical that any cleanup be timely, thorough and complete. With standard furniture or even some dedicated lab furniture, cleanup is difficult because the lab benches are impossible to move and it is tricky to be certain that the spill was completely removed. With mobile lab furniture, it’s easy and straightforward to move the instrument or even the entire system, clean all sides of the IonBench thoroughly, then return the instruments to their proper location and resume work quickly and efficiently.

Have we convinced you of the many benefits of mobile lab furniture? If you still have questions or are ready to get started, please contact Tim Hawkins at or 1-888-669-1233. He can discuss your specific lab situation and offer suggestions on how to best configure dedicated lab furniture in your lab.