Some Reasons You Need Mobile Lab Furniture

Where would we be without our mobile phones? We can keep in touch with loved ones and coworkers, do research, choose restaurants, pay for nearly everything—all from the convenience of our phones, wherever we are. This gives us maximum flexibility in living busy lives. Mobility is a key concept these days—and it applies to your lab as well. With mobile lab furniture, you have maximum flexibility in keeping a busy lab working smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Not so sure about that? Here are four reasons why you need mobile lab furniture like our IonBenches.

Reason 1: Simplify Service

How many times have you performed calisthenics in your lab, trying to get at the back of an instrument in order to perform service or routine maintenance, or check that wires and cords aren’t being pinched? Some labs solve this problem by leaving a service corridor behind all the dedicated lab furniture. What they make up for in convenience, however, they lose in space because that 12- to-18-inch corridor is a waste of valuable space in a cramped lab.

However, if your dedicated lab furniture comes with casters, you can keep your mobile lab furniture against the wall (where it’s also more stable and less likely to be knocked over if someone bumps into it). With IonBench, you can safely, easily move the entire system away from the wall whenever you need to access the back of the unit.

Reason 2: Take Your System to the Process

Process optimization often requires fast turnarounds. With mobile lab furniture, you don’t have to draw samples and then get them delivered to the lab in a timely fashion. Instead, take your entire MS system to the processing point and complete the entire procedure in one place. By utilizing mobile lab furniture, you can keep utilities and peripheral instruments safely connected and simplify at-source monitoring.

Reason 3: Optimize Peripheral Placement

Workflow is key to an organized and efficient lab. While it’s great to have your mass spec mobilized on one of our IonBenches, don’t forget the peripherals. When you move your LC closer to the source, you can improve throughput by as much as 10%. With mobile lab furniture, it’s easy to move that LC back out of the way when it’s not needed, or easily connect it with another process in a different part of the lab.

Reason 4: Rearrange Your Lab Whenever You Need

A significant challenge to efficiency is rapidly changing priorities. In order to prioritize customer service, it’s frequently necessary to reorganize workflow and process priorities. With mobile lab furniture, it’s easy to accommodate those changes by simply moving systems and peripherals around the lab, and even around the building. When your dedicated lab furniture doesn’t move, it’s much more difficult to imagine reconfiguring your lab to meet evolving needs.

If these four reasons haven’t fully convinced you of the mobile lab furniture benefits, stay tuned. In our next post, we’ll share four more reasons why your dedicated lab furniture should come with strong casters attached. Meanwhile, we invite you to contact Tim Hawkins at or 1-888-669-1233 to discuss how your lab might best be configured with dedicated lab furniture.