Counting on Casters: Dedicated Lab Furniture for Lab Safety

castersHave you ever worked in a truly spacious lab environment? We’re betting the answer to that question is “no.” No matter how well-funded your research lab, space is always at a premium. There’s this unspoken rule that you’ve got to cram as much as possible into a limited amount of space—which can cause problems when it comes to lab safety. This is why we’ve designed our dedicated lab furniture with casters you can count on.

Why Casters?

Usually, a weight discussion in the lab is about molecular weights. But have you ever thought about the weight of your mass spec—the machine itself? If you haven’t measured it lately (and, why would you?), we’re betting it weighs in at around five hundred pounds. That’s why our dedicated lab furniture needs to be weighty as well—three to four hundred pounds. Meaning, if you need to move your mass spec around your crowded lab, you’re talking about moving a package that’s close to a thousand pounds. And that’s if you haven’t got anything else on—or stored inside—the lab bench, which we doubt!

This makes moving your MS a major lab safety issue—and it’s where the casters come in handy. In order to maintain your MS, you have to be able to get behind it. So you have two choices: move your MS regularly, or give up a couple feet of precious lab space to a service corridor so your service engineer can get behind it on a regular basis.

As we’ve discussed before, vibrations affect the performance of your mass spec, and can even shorten its lifespan. Every time you move your machine, whether you’re attempting to drag it across the lab or just out far enough to service it, you’re causing vibrational damage to the machine—as well as lab safety issues like strained backs and bumped knees.

And that’s why we put casters on our IonBenches.

Why Quality?

But we don’t put just any casters on our dedicated lab furniture. Think for a moment about when you pick a shopping cart at some stores—you know the ones where the wheels wobble, squeak, and veer you off to the side because they just aren’t built from quality materials? Now think of the disaster those poorly built wheels would cause under a moving MS.

Our dedicated lab furniture casters are of a much higher quality, of course. We install between five and seven casters on the bottom of every MS Bench. These casters are manufactured of solid nylon material. We include either a ball-bearing axle or a hardened steel sleeve that makes moving the dedicated lab furniture a breeze. You can change directions easily. You can also lock down the lab bench once it’s in place to prevent any unwanted shifting or accidental bumping.

Why Dedicated Lab Furniture Improves Lab Safety

These quality casters make it easy to move even the heaviest equipment around your crowded lab, and move it back again after service to keep the aisles clear. Our dedicated lab furniture is rated to support 440 kilograms, or about 900 pounds, which means you can place more than one instrument on your lab bench and still safely move it around.

Are you ready to invest in lab safety and count on quality casters with our dedicated lab furniture? Request a quote today for our lab benches which will extend the life of your mass spec and protect you and your colleagues from the lab safety challenges of an overcrowded lab.