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GSA Procurement Certification for Our Dedicated Lab Furniture

gsa-mass-spectrometry-lab-furnitureRecently, we went through the process to become GSA Certified. For those labs associated with the federal government, you already know the importance of this certification, but we thought we share the news and explain what it means for all our IonBench dedicated lab furniture customers.

What’s GSA Certification?

If you’re not familiar with GSA certification, here’s some background. First of all, GSA stands for “General Services Administration.” It was established in 1949 “to streamline the administrative work of the federal government.” At the time, the goal of the GSA was to combine half a dozen administrative governmental agencies that were all trying to do the same thing: purchase the best goods and services that the government needed.

Today, GSA provides a centralized purchasing portal for the government. GSA offers products, services and facilities that are worth billions of dollars. GSA’s goal is to select high-quality, cost-effective products manufactured by reliable vendors. By joining with the GSA and completing the GSA certification process, we are now considered an elite business, a “trusted source,” by the US government.

What Does GSA Certification Mean for You?

Naturally, we would not have become GSA certified if we didn’t believe there was a benefit for our customers as well as for us. If you work in a lab that is affiliated with or run by the U.S. Government, GSA certification streamlines the purchase of our dedicated lab furniture. Contracting with us reduces purchase-order process redundancies, and also ensures that you will requisition a reliable and high-quality product.

But even if you work in a privately funded or educational research lab, you still benefit from our GSA certification. You can order from us with the confidence that we are a reliable company that will provide you with quality dedicated lab furniture for your mass spectrometry and HPLC needs.

Additional Reasons to Purchase Dedicated Lab Furniture from GSA Certified Vendors

In addition to those listed above, here are some additional reasons that you will find our GSA certification a boon to your bottom line. First, government buyers know the exact cost, because the GSA has already negotiated with us to provide you with the best possible prices for our IonBench dedicated lab furniture. There is also less research you need to do on lab furniture manufacturers, because you know we’ve already been thoroughly researched, and approved, by the GSA. All this means less time wasted and less risk taken for you when it next comes time to purchase dedicated lab furniture for your new or upgraded mass spec or HPLC.

So click here to take a look at our products on GSA Advantage! and begin the acquisitions process. If you have any questions about this GSA certification, please contact us today. We’ll be glad to tell you more and help streamline your lab bench decision-making process!