Accessorizing Your Mass Spectrometer or HPLC Bench

dedicated-lab-furniture-accessoriesWe recently visited the IonBench factory and had a chance to see firsthand all the various customizing options for our dedicated lab furniture. We thought that you might also find some of the accessories and options exciting—as well as excellent safety reminders—so we’re dedicating this post to the many different ways you can personalize your mass spectrometer or HPLC lab bench.

The Hole Story

We put a lot of holes in our benches. That might seem odd at first, but the fact is mass specs and HPLCs need a lot of connections. You’ve got vacuum pumps that need hose connections. You’ve got the HPLC waste line. You’ve got all sorts of wires and cords connecting different machines. And you don’t want any of those hoses and wires running down the front of the equipment, where they can get knocked or kinked.

That’s where the holes come in. We drill strategically placed holes wherever the client needs them, so their machines can be connected with optimum efficiency. Locations can vary from client to client; it all depends on how they’d like their labs set up and the model of equipment they are using.

Holes aren’t just for mass spectrometers and HPLCs either. We put a hole in the back of our keyboard drawers so that the keyboard connection to the computer doesn’t get caught in the drawer mechanism. And as we mentioned in a recent post, if you work in an earthquake zone, we can punch strap holes into the lab bench so you can strap down your HPLC and keep it stable during a seismic shift.

Betting on Brackets

Of course, sometimes you need to connect things to the bench, so we’ve got specialized brackets for that. For instance, there’s a bracket to connect a four-inch flexible duct, like a dryer hose, to vent warm exhaust air from the vacuum pumps out of the laboratory.

We’ve also got a bracket that will attach your computer to the side of our dedicated lab furniture. This helps keep your computer up and out of the way so it won’t accidentally get kicked, and also will keep it off the floor in case of flooding.

Pumping Up the Power

As space gets tighter in so many labs, we find our clients squeezing more things onto their dedicated lab furniture in addition to a mass spectrometer or HPLC. We can put eight standard 110-volt, 15-amp electrical sockets on the back of the IonBench, which simplifies connecting to your printer, monitor, and other electronic gadgets.

Various Other Options for Mass Spectrometer and HPLC Efficiency

Of course, that computer monitor needs a safe place to park itself, so we’ve got an adjustable monitor arm accessory. We also have a stainless steel tray with a half-inch lip all the way around it, designed to contain any oil that might leak out of your mass spec vacuum pumps. This is important, as vacuum pump oil can be contaminated by the sample being tested, which may potentially contain hazardous substances.

Lab benches are also work stations, so we can customize the number and size of your drawers, and even attach a lateral desk to create a bit more work space in a tight lab environment.

The bottom line is that we want our dedicated lab furniture to meet your needs. If you can think of an accessory that we haven’t mentioned here, give us a call and let’s talk about adding it to your next mass spectrometer or HPLC lab bench.