Dedicated Lab Furniture for All Those Mass Spec Choices

dedicated-lab-furniture-optionsThe research world has come a long way since the huge mass spectrometers that were used in the Manhattan Project and other early programs. Mass specs back then could be as large as one of today’s research labs, and while they’re certainly smaller now, they are just as varied in size, shape, weight, and other specifications. This variety presents a problem when it comes to determining the right dedicated lab furniture to purchase for your new MS. Which is why we here at IonBench pride ourselves in being able to customize our lab furniture to meet the needs of any MS currently on the market.

Mass specs Aren’t Light

Take, for example, the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive™ Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer. This baby weighs in at a daunting 401 pounds without its forevacuum pump, which adds another 136 pounds to the equation. Any standard, mass-produced office table cannot support almost 550 pounds of instrumentation without cracking under the strain. We, however, design dedicated lab furniture with the hefty needs of mass specs firmly in mind. Not only can our lab bench stand up to the strain, it can even travel around the lab on its sturdy, lockable casters.

Mass Specs are Part of a Larger System

Mass specs may create a vacuum, but they don’t operate in one. The TSQ Quantum XLS Ultra needs to hang out with its floor-standing forepump, minitower computer, and monitor, each of which needs room on, or nearby, your lab furniture. The total space needed? A sizable 2.5 square meters of precious workbench real estate. Standard tables just aren’t that large, but we specifically design our lab benches with PC mounts and support arms for flat-screen monitors so that your integrated MS system actually remains integrated.

Mass Specs Sometimes Need Assistance

Many mass specs come with dedicated peripherals that automate the process. For example, the Agilent 8800 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS has a specially designed integrated autosampler that allows 89 vials to be sampled without human intervention. For higher-volume work, a random-access intelligent autosampler with up to 360 vial positions can be employed. While these accessories may save you time, they also take up space. We’ve designed our dedicated lab furniture to accommodate a variety of samplers, and we’ll customize any lab bench for your particular layout.

Mass Specs Need Care and Attention

Any mass spec must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent instrument contamination. For example, the compact, boxy Sciex QTRAP 5500 requires regular cleaning of its curtain plate, orifice plate, QJet® ion guide (which includes the IQ0 lens, or skimmer), and Q0 rod set. If you’ve boxed in your MS on the back of a standard table, you may not be able to easily reach and clean all these items. When you use our dedicated lab furniture, you know your MS will be easily accessible for cleaning.

Every Mass Spec Needs Dedicated Lab Furniture

These are just a few examples of the issues you must address when setting up a mass spectrometer in your lab. Below are some additional MS models that you might be using:

Contact us today to find out how we’ve customized our lab benches to meet the needs of each of these mass specs, or to find out how dedicated lab furniture can increase safety and reliability in your laboratory.