Bean Counting and Dedicated Lab Furniture

bean-counting-dedicated-lab-furnitureWhen it comes to outfitting a research lab, chances are high that the bean counters in your company or institution do not appreciate the expense involved. Naturally, this leads to a lot of explanations from senior researchers regarding proper instrumentation, and a lot of push-back on the part of said bean counters. By the time you’ve dealt with the cost of equipment like mass spectrometers, HPLC systems and liquid chromatographs, you’re probably ready to give in when it’s time to choose lab furniture and simply let them order something from a supply store catalog.

But allowing equipment to be supported by furniture not designed specifically for the instrument it supports would be a big mistake. There are a number of misunderstandings when it comes to the true cost of cutting corners. The fact of the matter is, when it comes to protecting the significant investment you’re making to outfit your research lab with the latest equipment, dedicated lab furniture is the best solution.

Misconception #1: Dedicated Lab Furniture Is Multipurpose

Increasingly, labs are being outfitted with “general purpose” in mind, rather than the specific purposes needed at any given moment. Unfortunately, if you buy three “general” lab benches, you are likely to discover that none of them can safely support your equipment without modifications.

When you have to move cabinets or lower benches, you’re adding expensive modifications that make the end result more costly than if you’d purchased specifically designed dedicated lab furniture in the first place.

Misconception #2: Dedicated Lab Furniture Isn’t Easy to Move

Just because you’ve invested in a custom lab bench that’s sturdy enough to support your MS and peripherals doesn’t mean that you can’t rearrange your lab to improve workflow.

Our dedicated lab furniture comes with sturdy, lockable casters that allow you to move your equipment around the lab as your needs change, without sacrificing the safety and security of a strongly built lab bench to support your equipment.

Misconception #3: Dedicated Lab Furniture is Not Worth the Extra Money

Can you easily and safely reach the top of your HPLC stack? If not, you’ve got an accident waiting to happen when you lose your balance at the end of a long day in the lab.

Can you hear your lab assistant when she asks you a question as your MS vacuum pump is hammering away at your feet? If not, you’re likely to misunderstand her and perhaps give her an erroneous response that could ruin an experiment or even cause a workplace accident.

Dedicated lab furniture easily addresses the specific issues that come with HPLCs and mass specs. Being able to work safely and efficiently is always worth the extra money.

Misconception #4: Any Furniture Can Support My Equipment

Imagine this: You’ve got the latest and greatest balances, but you’ve placed them on a standard worktable that you let the bean counters talk you into purchasing. You’ve just about got a measurement perfect when your lab tech walks by and the worktable vibrates. Now you’ve got to wait for the balances to settle again — wasting valuable time — and hope that no one else walks by until you’ve finished. You can’t exactly tell everyone in the lab that they can’t move until you’ve got your measurements complete, can you?

This is only one of the reasons why dedicated lab furniture is worth the investment. When it comes to outfitting your lab, you don’t want to take any shortcuts when choosing between lab benches, whether they’re supporting mass specs, ultrasonic baths, scales, or other specialized types of equipment.

When you invest in the best, you will always come out ahead, so contact us today to learn more about our dedicated lab furniture for mass specs and HPLCs.