Safely Reach Your HPLC System’s Solvent Reservoir with Dedicated Lab Furniture

dedicated-lab-furniture-hplc-solvent-reservoirWhat’s a difficult job in your lab? We’re not asking about the most mentally taxing task; we’re thinking about the job that’s physically demanding and often unsafe. One of those jobs that involves reaching well out of your comfort zone in order to perform a routine task.

Coming Up Short on Routine Lab Tasks

Consider another question. How far overhead can you safely reach? Safety officers regularly tell lab technicians that they should not lift liquids any higher than shoulder level. For many people in a lab, that’s less than five feet.

Unfortunately, most generic lab furniture has a height that’s on par with your average comfortable work surface. That’s fine for most tasks, but what if you have a stack of HPLC systems on that lab furniture? Those can reach over 40 inches high just on their own. Put one on a lab bench, and you may need to reach over six feet above the lab floor just to access the solvent reservoir. Unless your family genetics predispose you to basketball greatness, there’s a good chance you’ll be coming up short.

The usual solution to this problem is the step stool, but that introduces new obstacles and risks. For one thing, the stool is usually stored somewhere else, so it has to be fetched. Also, it provides only a small surface area for technicians to safely balance while they’re reaching upward to perform their task. Plus, the floor around the work area is partially blocked when using a step stool, which could result in an accident, especially if a technician happened to walk away from the area for a moment without first putting the stool away. There’s also the obvious risk of a technician falling.

Dedicated Lab Furniture That Puts the Reservoir within Your Reach

That’s why IonBench created the electrical HPLC/UHPLC cart. This dedicated lab furniture was designed with specific lab functions in mind, as well as lab safety. The work surface easily raises and lowers with a simple electrical switch, and the mechanisms are strong enough to safely hold the weight of your lab equipment as you operate it. The chemically resistant work surface also guarantees that any spot of dripped solvent won’t become a major cleanup issue.

Moving Around the Lab with Ease

Another advantage of this dedicated lab bench is its caster wheels. These make the bench easily transportable, allowing technicians to share the HPLC/UHPLC system with other mass spectrometers, transfer the complete HPLC/UHPLC system to at-line process monitoring stations, or expand analytical output without taking up valuable existing bench space in the lab.

Another Advantage of Ordering Your Bench Now

A dedicated lab bench is worth the investment on many levels, but even more so right now, as we’re offering 10 percent off any order placed by December 31, 2014. Contact us today to purchase your bench or to learn more about how dedicated lab furniture can improve lab safety and keep all your routine tasks within reach.