Enjoy Year-End Sale Prices on Lab Benches for Mass Spectrometry

lab-benches-for-mass-spectrometry-salePreviously we have shared a number of reasons why our dedicated lab furniture would be an important addition to any efficient lab facility. We’ve talked about how using a mass spectrometer requires dealing with noise and vibration, and the impact those concerns can have on a lab’s workspace. But in addition to the various safety and convenience features provided by our lab benches for mass spectrometry, they are also a great value for the money. What’s more, for the rest of 2014 they are an even better buy, as we are offering a 10% discount on them through the end of the year.

Fighting Mass Spec Creep

Is “mass spec creep” a problem in your lab? It’s the slow accumulation of roughing pumps, computers, peripherals, tanks, and tools, each of which comes with its own set of cables, hoses, and cords. All this amassed paraphernalia can take over a piece of non-specific lab furniture, until you can’t easily access the mass spectrometer at all. Beyond the inconvenience, all those hoses and wires can also create a genuine safety hazard!

Because our IonBench MS dedicated lab bench is specialized for mass spectrometry, mass spec creep is naturally eliminated. We understand how all those peripherals need to work together, so we’ve designed lab benches that accommodate them and safely channel all the wires, hoses, and cords out of the way.

Non-Standard Standard Lab Benches

Designing our laboratory benches to be tall, wide, and strong enough to support the entire mass spec setup is only the beginning of what we do. Although we start with a standard 4- or 6-foot bench, we can customize the work surface to be anywhere from 90 to 190 cm wide and create any hose and cable hole pattern that fits your desired setup. There is enough room on, and inside, our lab benches that we can provide space-saving options for waste handling, computers, and whatever peripherals you use.

Additional Features of Our Lab Benches for Mass Spectrometry

In addition to customized widths and hole patterns, we offer a number of other features that make our dedicated lab furniture a welcome addition to serious laboratories. These include:

  • A bank of three full-extension lab drawers for easy storage of tools and manuals
  • A support arm for flatscreen monitors
  • A sliding keyboard and mouse platform
  • A lateral waste container conveniently and firmly placed on the lab furniture; this helps avoid unsafe tubing extensions
  • A PC/workstation mount that enables computers to sit under the work surface, but safely above the lab floor
  • A specifically designed electrical plug array, also safely located under the work surface, that can have eight 110-V or four 220-V outlets
  • A stainless steel oil drip pan, inside the enclosure, for each vacuum pump

Get All This at 10% Off!

As if all of these features, and the ability to customize them, weren’t enough, IonBench is having a 10% off sale through the end of the year. Just contact us between now and December 31 to place your order, or give us a call today with your questions or to learn more about our exceptional lab benches for mass spectrometry.