Featuring benches for delicate scientific instruments. Our product offering includes IonBench MS (benches for mass spectrometry) and IonBench LC (elevator benches for stackable HPLC/UHPLC).

IonBench MS Lab Benches

lab-benches-mass-spec-benchThe IonBench MS is specialized for Mass Spectrometry. It is designed to eliminate “Mass Spec Creep,” which we define as that gradual evolutionary spread of rough pumps, cables, hoses, cords, computers, peripherals, tanks, tools and other paraphernalia until the accessories dominate the lab when non-specific lab furniture is used.

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IonBench LC Lab Benches

lab-benchs-ionbenchlcElevator benches developed to address the dilemma that stackable HPLC/UHPLC systems have. Many of these liquid chromatography systems are so high they are very difficult to maintain and standard lab benches don’t help.

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